that’s called sick.


There’s a time when you need someone beside you when you’re happy, and there’s a time when you don’t need someone when you’re sad, but when you’re in sad time, and need someone, and seeing your friends happy together, that’s called sick.

Another sick is when you are want to happy with your friend , but your friend plays with another friend, and you feel like a small trash and ready to step with people.

Almost people in the world just keeping their egoism and just wanna win in all games until they have got satisfaction. So when you feel your friend like that, you just can give in on them. That’s sick, yeah, but that’s the truth. And when you try to doing like that, your friend angry with you. That was so hurt in your heart, but that’s the fact. That’s world it’s impossible if all people are kind, and the conclusion you’re same with another people that have egoism.


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