What is SPARTA? Sparta is a symbol or yelling of my scout’s team(Spensa Scout). First,actually i don’t know about scout,because on elementary school, i had scout on grade 5th and i enjoyed it, and then, on JHS, we must choose one of two extracurricular, scout or drumband, but, because something ,… i must choose scout.

The first meeting, my coach said who wants to be a leader for their team(1 team= 8-10 person). I quickly said to my friends, how about if  i was their leader, and then they agreed,, so i go forward with another leaders.. On that moment i don’t know why i want to be a leader,, all i know is i want to know about scout more and more…

After i’m join scouts, so many changed in my life,  scouts taught me how to manage my time(although i’m still wake up late-_-), how to adapted with new people, how to lead your partner, and the important thing,, they change me from a geek people to the hyperactive ((: *i mean i can say in front of many people, because i’m a shy people..

I found my bestfriends in here, they’re soo make me happy everyday, just meet with them i can smile….. *alay. Almost every saturday i meet with them,but that’s my 2013,in this year (this month)i will separate with them because i go to Senior High School,, but i think, the distance can separate us because i can go to my JHS school anytime 😀

I sooo sad to leave them because soo many memories we had, camping together, be the champion on a competition, cry together, happy together, bukber together,… i will miss every we do together….. i wish Speco (spensa scout) will always success on every competition and their project to make a scout bigger than ever in Spensa.


okay i’m sorry for my bad english,, thanks for read this 🙂

Bonus Photo of My Small Family...
Bonus Photo of My Small Family…

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